Could the election still stop Brexit?

In the general election campaign, none of the parties specifically mention the option to join the EU again post-Brexit.

However, in their manifestos, the Liberal Democrats​, the Green Party and the Alliance Party all promise the option to have a second referendum to approve the Brexit deal, or reject it and remain in the EU afterall.

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SNP’s official approach to Brexit

The Scottish National Party (SNP) mention Brexit a lot in their manifesto and look to maintain many of the advantages they say Scotland currently receives from the EU. A high priority is continuing access to the Single European Market, for example.

They also make clear they’d like a second referendum on Scottish independence from the UK, at the end of the Brexit process, when the final terms of the deal are known.

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Green Party’s official approach to Brexit

The UK’s Green Party launched it’s 2017 general election manifesto, called the “Green Guarantee”, on Monday.

Like the LibDems, the Greens make it clear that they think the UK would be better off remaining in the EU and they promise a referendum on the detail of whatever deal is negotiated for Britain’s departure from the EU, with the option to reject the deal and remain in the EU.

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Conservatives official approach to Brexit

The Conservatives became the latest party to release their 2017 general election manifesto, yesterday.

In a section titled “Leaving the European Union” they say the UK will no longer be a member of the single market or customs union, and they also imply we may leave the European Convention on Human Rights. This confirms they want what many have called a “Hard Brexit”.

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LibDems official approach to Brexit

The Liberal Democrats released their manifesto for the 9 June 2017 general election, yesterday.

They make no mention of the possibility of the UK rejoining the EU later, if Brexit goes ahead, but they make it very clear they “believe that there is no deal as good for the UK outside the EU as the one it already has as a member”.

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Britain “heading for humiliation” and will rejoin EU

An article from think-tank, the Centre for European Reform, claimed, last week, that British overconfidence regarding Brexit is unjustified and will end in humiliation.

The centre’s deputy director, Simon Tilford, concluded that after Brexit, “Britain will be alienated from its closest allies – the rest of the EU – and have little international influence. Reality will eventually kick in and that reality will be that Britain needs to rejoin the EU.”

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Tony Blair predicts UK will want to rejoin EU

Ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is said to have predicted the UK will want to rejoin the EU in the future.

Several media reports quote him as saying, “The single market put us in the Champions League of trading agreements. A free trade agreement is like League One. We are relegating ourselves […] My prediction is it may take another generation but at some point we will want to be back in the EU.”

Read one report in the Irish Independent newspaper here.