Britain “heading for humiliation” and will rejoin EU

An article from think-tank, the Centre for European Reform, claimed, last week, that British overconfidence regarding Brexit is unjustified and will end in humiliation.

The centre’s deputy director, Simon Tilford, concluded that after Brexit, “Britain will be alienated from its closest allies – the rest of the EU – and have little international influence. Reality will eventually kick in and that reality will be that Britain needs to rejoin the EU.”

He went on, “In all likelihood, it eventually will [rejoin], though on inevitably worse terms. And it will then have to spend the next 20 years painstakingly rebuilding the influence that it so casually threw away.”

What do you think of these predictions? Will the UK be forced to rejoin the EU in the future albeit on worse terms and with less influence than today?

Read the full article on the Centre for European Reform’s website here.

Photo: Simon Tilford, courtesy of the Centre for European Reform.

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