Conservatives official approach to Brexit

The Conservatives became the latest party to release their 2017 general election manifesto, yesterday.

In a section titled “Leaving the European Union” they say the UK will no longer be a member of the single market or customs union, and they also imply we may leave the European Convention on Human Rights. This confirms they want what many have called a “Hard Brexit”.

It’s no surprise that the possibility of the UK rejoining the EU in the future is not addressed anywhere. They do say, however, that Scotland could hold another independence referendum if there is “public consent for it to happen”, but it cannot take place until the Brexit process has finished.

So, they don’t appear to be ruling out the possibility of an independent Scotland rejoining the EU in the future. As for the rest of the UK, we simply don’t know.

Read the “Leaving the EU” section of their manifesto on their publisher’s website here.

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