Green Party’s official approach to Brexit

The UK’s Green Party launched it’s 2017 general election manifesto, called the “Green Guarantee”, on Monday.

Like the LibDems, the Greens make it clear that they think the UK would be better off remaining in the EU and they promise a referendum on the detail of whatever deal is negotiated for Britain’s departure from the EU, with the option to reject the deal and remain in the EU.

If Brexit does go ahead, they vow to protect freedom of movement, press for remaining within the single market, and safeguard vital rights for people and the environment. They say they will also immediately guarantee the rights of EU citizens to remain in the UK and urgently seek reciprocal arrangements for UK citizens in the EU.

As with all other party manifestos to date, no mention is made of the possibility of rejoining the EU post-Brexit.

Read the Membership of the EU section of their manifesto on the Green Party website here.

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