Can the UK join the EU again?

Following the referendum “Brexit” result, if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, will it be able to join again?

We’re not suggesting the UK should or shouldn’t rejoin the EU later, we’re simply asking if it would be possible, and are looking to encourage discussion and debate about it.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on this site or our Facebook Page, or Tweet us @JoinAgainOrg, but please keep it friendly and respect the opinions of others.

We know it’s a controversial subject and all points of view are welcome, but bad language, insults or general rude behaviour won’t be tolerated.

As we all know, discussions about Brexit, especially on social media, can quickly descend into insults, so we have a zero tolerance policy.

What constitutes “bad language”, “insults” or “rude behaviour” is a subjective judgement and hard to define by hard and fast rules, so we use our discretion in making decisions, just like the BBC and many other organisations with editorial policies. Given this, we suggest that all readers use common sense and restraint when deciding what language to use. A good argument or well articulated point of view does not require the use of the vernacular.

In short: we will not censor opinions, but we will censor bad language and insults.

Thank you for your understanding!

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