LibDems official approach to Brexit

The Liberal Democrats released their manifesto for the 9 June 2017 general election, yesterday.

They make no mention of the possibility of the UK rejoining the EU later, if Brexit goes ahead, but they make it very clear they “believe that there is no deal as good for the UK outside the EU as the one it already has as a member”.

Given this, they make a promise to “put [the negotiated Brexit] deal to a vote of the British people in a referendum, with the alternative option of staying in the EU on the ballot paper.”

So, if the LibDems were to have their way there would be no Brexit and therefore no need to join again.

Even the LibDems themselves have admitted they won’t win the election, but could they win enough seats and have enough influence to somehow make their Brexit-breaking dreams a reality?

Read the Europe section of their manifesto on the Liberal Democrats website here.

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