St. George and Brexit

Happy St. George’s Day to all our followers in England!

St. George is, in fact, a very international figure who never set foot in England and is thought to have been from Eastern Europe or the Middle East. He is also the patron saint of many other countries, regions and cities, including quite a few around Europe.

Just for a bit of fun we wonder: what would St. George have made of Brexit? For or against?!

Straw clutching or olive branch?

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, caused a stir with his comments in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, published yesterday.

He suggested that even if there is legal doubt about the UK being able to reverse the Brexit process, there would be political will from the other 27 member states to allow us to do so.

Although some media are reporting this as allowing the UK to “rejoin”, technically it sounds like we could simply cancel our request to leave, and so we wouldn’t need to join again at all.

What do you think? Is he clutching at straws or holding out an olive branch?

(Photo: European Parliament)