Still trying to work it out

Even though a coalition (of sorts) has now been agreed between the Tories and the DUP, like many, we’re still trying to work out what the election result means for Brexit.

On the face of it, a “soft” Brexit would be good for Northern Ireland (read no border controls), so perhaps the DUP will push for a softer departure.

On the other hand, such a small majority of MPs in parliament means the Conservative Party will need to keep its backbenchers in line, and any fear of a rebellion by hardline Brexiteers within the party could lead to the pursuit of a “hard” Brexit.

One thing we are quite sure of: the government’s weak position can’t possibly make negotiations with the EU any easier. So, “no deal” is arguably a more likely outcome now too.

Stopping Brexit altogether doesn’t look any more probable at the moment, although if a big mess is created, perhaps there’s more chance of this idea gaining popularity.

And, of course, we still have the original question posed by this website: could the UK then join the EU again later?

So, it seems we’ve gone full circle and have got no closer to working it out (feel familiar?). But we’ll keep trying. Our children’s futures depend on it after all.

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