The Effect Of Political Posturing

The news is coming thick and fast, this week, as politicians in London and Brussels start their posturing and set out starting positions for negotiating Brexit.

The UK’s PM, Theresa May, said, yesterday, she will be a “bloody difficult woman” in Brexit talks and chief EU negotiator, Michel Barnier, said, today, it will be “painful”. Not to mention all the gossip about “that dinner”.

Such chest puffing and political posturing is standard practice ahead of a tough negotiation and is only to be expected, but it does give us an taste of difficult times ahead.

As the immense complexity of the disentanglement process becomes clearer to everyone, we ask, could it affect public opinion in the UK?

Are those that voted to leave the EU likely to re-think, when they realise how tough its really going to be? Or will they harden their resolve in the face of tough bargaining from Brussels?

And might those that voted to remain start to take a more negative view of the EU, and decide that perhaps the UK is better off out of it after all?

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Photo courtesy of Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street

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